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Our Search Process

Our positive approach, knowledge of the market, and ability to find the right people add up to success for you.

We focus on the needs of our clients. We learn the job, the skills needed for success, and the culture of your company.

This enables us to target the perfect people for each opportunity and ultimately make the best recommendations to you.

Step 1: Position Profile
This is a critical step in our process, and it's the main tool we use to bring the right people to you. Through a series of questions, we'll pin down the most important skills and qualities a candidate needs to succeed on the job.

Step 2: Candidate Search
Utilizing our tools and resources, we scout out the right people. We focus mainly on passive candidates who, while not active in the job market, will typically consider a new position when presented with the right opportunity.

Step 3: Candidate Interview
Our in-depth interviews focus on core skills, strengths, motivations, and overall fit for the position.  From this step we recommend only the best for your consideration.

Step 4: Candidate Recommedation and Audio File
We present the top candidates to you using state of the art technology. Our easy to use system actually allows you to review an audio file of the interview, while simultaneously reviewing their resume. Now you can hear the person, in their own words, discuss their track record and accomplishments.

What used to take hours is condensed into just minutes!

Step 5: Coordinate Interviews
Interview coordination, post-interview feedback, reference checking, and assistance in negotiation an offer are all included in our service to you.